Friday, August 1, 2008

Precipitate Comparison Test; Borax and Sea Salt with Calcium Silicate

I perform a quick precipitate comparison between borax and sea salt with calcium silicate. The difference is startling to say the least.

I note that much of the precipitate has got to be the eroded material from one of the plates. This can only mean that there is a high concentration of Chromium in the sea salt sample and a simple 1/4 teaspoon of ferrous sulfate will not be enough to reduce the Cr(VI) to Cr(III).

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Anonymous said...

Well since you're trying different electrolytes, was wondering if you could test magnesium oxide. or better known as antacid. There are 2 reasons why I suggest it, one it becomes highly conductive in water, separating hydrogen and oxygen atoms easily. second just by heat it will release hydrr. therefore. in electrolysis should produce a lot of hho.