Friday, June 13, 2008

What on Earth am I Doing?!

Here I was, surfing the net, not looking for anything in particular, when I come across a web site that talks about Hydroxy gas production. Also called Browns Gas, presumably because it was 'discovered' by a fella named Yull Brown, it is the result of electrolyzing water into HHO gas.

The intriguing thing was, the article was claiming a car could achieve improved gas mileage by supplementing the gas intake with on-demand HHO production.

So, I decided to go out and poke around the net to find a set of plans, and being that I didn't want to spend a pile of money on the plans I chose to look at the free plans first. The first site I found was Smacks Boosters so I took a look at their .pdf file plans. This got me fired up to begin experimenting with the process. Thank You Smacks Boosters!

At any rate this blog is a running account of my experiments with HHO production and its potential as an alternative fuel source.

Subject Threads

I actually have a number of concurrent things going on all at once and I'll be damned if the blog format makes it hard to keep things straight. What I've come up with is a subject thread where I link to the next and previous article in the subject thread at the end of each article. This way it's easier to jump to the next article in the subject. Works for me. Hope it works for you. Just bear with me as I make all the links happen.

Since this is the first post it stands to reason that the subject threads start from here. Have fun!

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