Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another Shopping Trip

Once again, I went off to the store(s) without so much as a scrap of paper to remind me what on Earth it is I need to buy. At this rate I'll have everything you could ever imagine, but a working Hydroxy generator.

Oh Well.


  • Distilled White Vinegar, 1qt
  • Chemical Resistant Nitrile Gloves, UPC 21130 82034
  • 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, 1pt UPC 21130 78053

Advance Auto Parts

  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Boost/Vacuum Gauge, UPC 21467 08203
  • Digital Clock with Thermometer, UPC 62164 59202
  • Primary Wire 10 Gauge, Black, UPC 37495 85702
  • Battery Isolator Switch, 300 Amp, UPC 37495 85988
  • Fuse Block, UPC 37495 85668
  • Brush on Electric Tape, UPC ??


  • Spray Bottle, 1qt
  • Dremel Engraver
  • (2) 6 Gauge 3/8" stud copper lugs, UPC 62164 59202
  • Universal Fit Hot Shot Performance Ignition System (Igniter Replacement), UPC 47362 84638

So disappears another 110 smackers. Ouch! At least this shindig might begin looking like a science project instead of an exercise in tinkering around.

I still don't have the 1/2" clear plastic tube and I may need parts for a fluid level tube, both of which will probably be had at the Ace hardware Store.

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