Thursday, June 26, 2008

Smack's Booster Initial Test with Unexpected Results

I performed the first test of the Smack's Booster with a Simpleton plate assembly and had a horrific result.

Needless to say, over-amping the electrolyzer has quite a risk to it.

I neglected to mention that the booster was drawing just about 30 Amps when it blew. Additionally, I was looking right at the booster when it popped and the flame was orange. No mistake there.

I plan to test this some more, but not without an enclosure, which I plan on building forthwith.

Lastly, I wonder if the brown scum has something to do with it. Only testing will bear this out. I have an inkling that the scum is ferrous oxide which was liberated from the stainless steel parts. It sure looks like rust water to me at any rate.

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