Thursday, June 26, 2008

Resistance Testing a Smack's Booster with Simpleton Plate Arrangement

I put together several clips as one regarding resistance testing the Simpleton plate arrangement and this is the result.

I determined that the resistance climbs rapidly before leveling off. I should test with a different multimeter to see if it is the result of using a digital one versus an analog one.

Second, it appears that very little NaOH is required, around a half a teaspoon should do it. More doesn't seem to affect the resistance.

Third, the resistance appears to drop 300-400 Ohms when using Sodium Hydroxide versus tap water. To give some indication, my water was tested about a year ago and it had 22 grains of hardness. Yes, I know, like a brick. I was told at the same time that during the summer, the hardness drops way off due to pumping in water from a nearby reservoir, but I have no way of testing that at this time.

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