Sunday, June 15, 2008

Electrolyzer Container Parts

The container itself is pretty simple. That and the parts are reasonable, so I've decided to make more than one container. The first one is as simple as possible, no frills, no bells, no whistles.

Electrolyzer Container Parts List

  • (1) 4"x2' PVC Pipe UPC 11942 19948
  • (2) 4" PVC Slip/Threaded Adapter, UPC 11942 03201
  • (1) 4" PVC Threaded Cleanout Plug Square Head, UPC 11942 03254
  • (1) 4" PVC Flush Cleanout Plug, UPC 11942 03293

The PVC Pipe can be had in 10 foot lengths as well, for the enterprising tinkerer I suppose.

UPDATE: Use SCHED40 220PSI rated PVC Pipe or better for safety!!

Not much to it really, just cut the pipe to length, and glue the bottom together.

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