Monday, June 16, 2008

Test Bubbler and Volume Measuring Bottles

I grabbed the water bottles I was saving to make into the test bubbler and volume measuring bottles and started wailing away on them.

The bottle and tools rounded up. Turned out I needed a 3/8" drill bit which wasn't in the fancy Hitachi drill bit set. No problemo, as I have a tool box full of just drill bits.

Now I drilled 2 holes in each cap from the bottom using the wood block as a backing. I drilled into the wood a bit to ensure a clean hole. A punch of some sort would work as well, but I didn't have one on hand.

Measuring the tube for the volume displacement bottle involved pressing the tube through the cap until the tub touched the bottom of the bottle. Then measure about 2 inches above the cap and this is the cutoff for the longer volume displacement tube.

There are four short tubes required for this setup and I cut them about 3-4 inches long, leaving the final length for the test bubbler. The input tube only needs to protrude into the water of the test bubbler a few inches so the length was more than adequate at 1/2 to 2/3 of the way into the bottle.

I then cut two lengths of 3/8" clear vinyl tubing, glued the tubes into the bottle caps and connected everything together.

And here's a schematic of the test bubbler and volume displacement bottles.

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