Monday, August 11, 2008

Using a Drill Press to Cut Plate Holes

I go through cutting plate holes using a drill press and ramble on about the do's, don'ts and particulars of using a drill press.

1. When running a drill press keep your hands out of the work.

2. Don't pick metal shavings out of the work with your hands while the drill is running.

3. When cutting stainless steel run the drill press at the lowest speed setting. 150-200RPM is best, or the slowest the machine will adjust to if this speed can't be obtained.

4. If the work is smoking, resort to using cutting oil.

5. Support the work with a vise. The vise HAS to be rigidly mounted to the table. Most vises have gaps in the bed so cut a piece of wood to support the work completely.

6. Make sure your drill press can do the work. A 1/3Hp 1/2" chuck press will do the job.

7. To cut Stainless Steel, use at least a Cobalt drill bit. They can be sharpened when dull where the titanium washed ones are useless once dull.

8. A used 12", 1/2" chuck bench model drill press can be surprisingly affordable if you go out looking for one. I recommend older ones made in the good old USA.

9. If buying a used drill press, check the side play of the chuck by wiggling it back and forth. If the movement is visible and clicking can be felt, then the press is worn and should be avoided.

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