Saturday, August 2, 2008

Still Cooler Design Testing

I build an electrolyte still cooler and proceed to test the various aspects of the design and practical application.

UPDATE: The cheapie fuel pump I was using failed on the first long duration test. So it's back to the Internet to find something suitable. I still think the still cooler is capable of handling the heat exchanging duties, if only I can find a reliable 12 volt pump.

My Observations

1. The fuel pump will self sump the system.

2. The system will more or less purge itself.

3. The fuel pump will allow the system to drain.

4. A static test leads me to think it will reduce the temperature 10-20 degrees while sitting still. The numbers will be greater while in motion. It would take further tests to be sure as I think diluting the electrolyte skewed the results on this particular test to show a 37 degree drop.

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