Sunday, August 10, 2008

Observational Electrolysis Test using Potassium Hydroxide

I conduct an observational electrolysis test using potassium hydroxide (KOH) as the electrolyte and observe the results.

My Observations

1 The electrolyte particulates out about 3/16Th of an inch before the test begins.

2. Brown particulate forms about 1/4 inch during the test.

3. Foam forms on the surface and stays there during the test.

4. Gas production is quite good.

5. Some brown particulate makes its way into the foam. It doesn't appear to be of the scum variety.

6. I used quite a bit less KOH in this test than the electrolytes in other tests.

7. I suspect my batch of KOH is an inferior grade.

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Don Hill said...

Charlie, I am very interested in your work, I have been doing the same things as you have for 2 years now. I have managed to get my device to produce one gallon per 1.5 hours at less than 2 amps 12 volts dc. I now hope to find some method of storing the gas to use for small motors and applicances. Please contact me at donthehill at g mail dot com.

Don Hill said...

I hope to see more of your work.