Thursday, July 31, 2008

Observational Electrolyte test using Ferrous Sulfate

I conduct an observational electrolyte test using ferrous sulfate and observe the results.

My Observations

1. The mixture starts out a cloudy orangish brown.

2. if allowed to sit for a short period a film develops on the surface.

3. After only 30 seconds a bluish green particulate begins to form.

4. The blue-green particulate tends to float and form a scum.

5. After 6-10 minutes the blue-green particulate changes color to orange-brown and begins to sink.

6. The cloudy aspect of the mixture clears up after 5 minutes or so as the particulates begin to appear.

7. Particulates settle throughout the test eventually building to one inch in the bottom after an hour.

8. after an hour or so a slight odor is noticeable.

9. The negative side plate accumulates a dark deposit similar to magnesium sulfate, but in slightly larger quantity.

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