Friday, July 11, 2008

Brown Scum Test with Salt Softened Water

I conduct an electrolysis test using salt softened water to observe the formation of scum and brown particulate.

I conclude that there is much higher formation of brown particulate, but no scum.

I had a viewer on YouTube ask me about the danger of chlorine formation with this test, and the answer lies in how a salt based water softener works. In short, a salt based water softener replaces calcium and magnesium with sodium in the water to prevent scale buildup and coincidentally improve the taste of the water.

Comparing this test to ordinary tap water reveals that the scum component is probably the result of magnesium or calcium interfering with the bubbles on the surface, while the brown particulate increase is most likely increased levels of hexavalent chromium and ferrous oxide, the compound formerly known as rust. Both compounds are similar in color, so it is impossible for me to discern which one is more dominant at this time.

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