Saturday, July 5, 2008

More Brown Scum Testing and Observations

I spent a few more hours testing and observing the formation of brown scum.

My Observations

1. The scum component and brown component are definitely separate.

2. The scum forms first.

3. The location of the scum on the surface is the result of hydrologic processes and not plate polarity.

4. The scum gathering on the surface is the result of bubble formation adhering to the scum at the surface.

5. The scum may form a film preventing or delaying bubble bursting but is barely detectable with a spoon insertion test.

6. The scum is heavier than water as it sinks when disturbed.

7. Plastic and adhesives have not been ruled out as a source of the scum, but is low on the list of possible sources.

8. Distilled water was not used, so water contaminants are also not ruled out as a source of the scum.

Additional theories

1. The scum may be minerals in the water which are percolating out of the water.

2. The scum is a separate compound from the brown color.

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