Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Warning about Drain Cleaners in Hydroxy Gas Production

I had a reader warn me about the problems associated with using drain cleaners as an electrolyte in Hydroxy Gas production. Namely, most cleaners have other chemicals in them and can result in the release of Chlorine gas in addition to Hydroxy.

This concerned me greatly so I proceeded to investigate the product I bought for this purpose, Roebic Heavy Duty Crystal Drain Opener.

Here's the film clip for those that are interested.

And here is an email response to my inquiry by Mr David Lawler, Senior Microbiologist and Vice President Product Development.


Our Heavy Duty Crystal Drain Opener is 100% sodium hydroxide. It is technical grade, not USP grade, meaning there could be trace amounts of impurities, but nothing in high enough levels to be of concern in most applications.

Thank you for choosing ROEBIC products.

David Lawler


I believe this means I can use this particular Drain Cleaner with some assurance that harmful byproducts are minimized. If anyone can show that USP grade Sodium Hydroxide is vital to safety, then please let me know as soon as possible.

Roebic Heavy Duty Crystal Drain Cleaner - Material Safety Data Sheet

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