Monday, July 28, 2008

Observational Electrolyte Test using Borax

I conducted an observational electrolyte test using borax and comment on the results.

My Observations

1. Foam begins to appear at around 5 minutes into the test

2. Once the foam thickens an occasional large bubble forms sometimes more of them but just a few at a time.

3. White particulate forms in minute quantities.

4. Particulate gradually changes to orange-brown

5. Particulate formation increases toward end of test. This leads me to believe the particulate formation is delayed compared to other electrolytes

6. White foam picks up some brown color before dissipating.

7. Once the foam dissipates, it leaves a scum behind.

8. For this test the brown particulate accumulation was light.

9. The plate has a gray buildup similar to what was observed with magnesium sulfate.

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